Axiom Interactive Annual Report 2017

Our assessment of the region along with the structure of our business involves an extensive and detailed process – yet is based on a common-sense approach: RESPECT FOR THE LOCAL COMMUNITY It drives straight to the core of Axiom’s philosophy and business plan: it is one of the company’s main advantages over its competitors. The essence of the word “community” forms the major component of our corporate values: Build. Share. Protect. Our expert team will Build sustainable mines and Protect the wellbeing of our people, local communities and the environment. We will also Share benefits with the local community through an unprecedented ownership structure. These are values that ensure that the communities in which we operate are respected and are a part of our mining activities from which they will benefit. “OUR RESPECT FOR THE LAND, THE PEOPLE, THE CULTURE AND THEIR TRADITIONS IS AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL, AND WE ARE ALWAYS EAGER TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE LOCAL WAY OF LIFE. OUR GENUINE SENSE OF ‘COMMUNITY’ IS THE KEY DIFFERENTIATOR THAT SETS US APART FROM OUR INDUSTRY PEERS.” Our employees aspire to not only help the local community, but also to be a true part of its structure. It is common place to see Axiom employees and their families participating in local events. This genuine participation in the community has further strengthened our ability to operate smoothly within the rural areas we are involved in. Our success in business is directly linked to our ability to protect the people we work and live with. AXIOM’S ONGOING COMMITMENT TO COMMUNITY RELATIONS IS GROUNDED IN OUR VALUES OF BUILD. SHARE. PROTECT. Our genuine approach has ensured the establishment of strong bonds with the local landowners and stakeholders and resulted in the unique partnership with the landowners of the Isabel Nickel Project Community Report OPERATIONS COMMUNITY: THE FEELING OF SHARING THINGS AND BELONGING TO A GROUP IN THE PLACE WHERE YOU LIVE AXIOM MINING LIMITED ANNUAL REPORT 2017 14