Axiom Interactive Annual Report 2017

When I became Chairman of the Board in 2016, Axiom was engaged in major litigation and it had not begun any significant work on the San Jorge tenement, part of the world-class Isabel Nickel Project. As well, the renewal of the West Guadalcanal Project was at that point still subject to approval by the Solomon Islands Government. IN 2017 THE COMPANY ACHIEVED SOME MAJOR MILESTONES. We proved the existence of attractive grades of nickel and cobalt from drilling on the San Jorge deposit, and were granted a renewed prospecting licence for possibly the most prospective gold and copper area in the Solomon Islands, our West Guadalcanal Project. We submitted the mining lease application over the San Jorge tenement, and completed our initial environmental study and pre- development work. On top of this, our long-time adversary Sumitomo declared their intent to withdraw from competing for any of the nickel interests in the Solomon Islands. These achievements did not come easily. Axiom will continue as it always has to adhere to internationally accepted ethical principles, Solomon Islands law, international law and Australian law when engaging and transacting in business. Our determination to maintain a high ethical standard has served the company well and I expect shareholders will be rewarded soon for the integrity displayed by Axiom’s management in their interactions with the various stakeholders and decision makers in relation to the Isabel Nickel Project. Following Sumitomo’s announcement of its withdrawal from the race for one of the largest nickel deposits in the Pacific in August, Axiom has had to work in a political environment that has seen four changes of positions of the Minister for Mines. This understandably slowed the decision making process. The political uncertainty was removed with the election of a new Prime Minister and the appointment of a new Cabinet late last year. EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR: Baltazare Rongo ROBERT BARRAKET AFTER SEVERAL YEARS OF STRATEGIC, CONSIDERED AND PERSISTENT EFFORT, AXIOM IS NOW AT A PIVOTAL AND ENVIABLE POSITION IN ITS DEVELOPMENT. I AM GENUINELY EXCITED ABOUT WHAT 2018 WILL BRING AND I AM HONOURED TO BE CHAIRMAN OF A COMPANY THAT IS AIMING TO TRULY DEFINE THE TERM ‘SUSTAINABLE MINING’. Chairman’s Review AXIOM MINING LIMITED ANNUAL REPORT 2017 4