Axiom Interactive Annual Report 2017

With the support of our key stakeholders and the cooperation of the relevant government authorities, Axiom believes that the laws governing mining and exploration in the Solomon Islands will be upheld and administered by the new government and that we will see significant progress in relation to our tenements. Your Board is well aware that 2017 was a testing year for shareholders and our landowner partners alike. Shareholders’ and landowners’ patience and support are of paramount concern to us. Your company has taken all appropriate steps to protect, strengthen and advance our position as we negotiate the licencing of the Isabel Nickel Project. I have had considerable experience in my 51 years as a lawyer in dealing with mining and corporate matters in Melanesia. I have acted for a number of Australian businesses with links to the Solomon Islands. This past year I have spent time in the Solomon Islands visiting our project sites and stakeholders. I have been overwhelmed at the genuine commitment displayed by all stakeholders to get this world-class project into production. Our culture resonates past our employee group through to other stakeholders. This culture cannot be bought – it has been developed and nurtured over many years under the most testing of conditions. It is now evident that this culture will greatly assist us in developing a sustainable world-class mining project of which we can all be proud. A project that will positively impact many lives in the Solomon Islands and reward shareholders. I want to convey my congratulations to Axiom’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Mr Ryan Mount and to his team of professionals who continue to tirelessly pursue our corporate objectives with vigour and integrity. His decisions flow not only for the benefit of shareholders but equally to the landowners and citizens of the Solomon Islands. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO THANK THE LANDOWNERS OF ISABEL AND GUADALCANAL. WE HONOUR AND RESPECT THEIR ROLE IN OUR PIONEERING PARTNERSHIP. We remain committed to bringing the world-class Isabel Nickel Project to completion and to continue setting precedents and standards for sustainable mining in the South Pacific region. CHAIRMAN’S REVIEW Robert Barraket Chairman AXIOM IS BETTER PLACED THAN ITS PEERS IN THIS REGION – WE HAVE A CULTURE THAT IS UNIQUE, EFFECTIVE AND SECOND TO NONE. THIS CULTURE REVOLVES AROUND OUR CORE VALUES OF BUILD. SHARE. PROTECT. AXIOM MINING LIMITED ANNUAL REPORT 2017 5