Axiom Interactive Annual Report 2017

Ryan Mount Chief Executive Officer We also continued our engagement with the global nickel industry as we briefed and negotiated with some of the leading players in the industry. Our ability to withstand and overcome a number of well publicised setbacks, threats and adversaries over the years, the world-class nature of the asset, and our corporate position within the mineral-rich Solomon Islands have led to a significant revision of our credibility on the international stage. WEST GUADALCANAL PROJECT In 2017 the Solomon Islands Government granted a renewal of our prospecting licence over the West Guadalcanal Project. Whilst our primary objective is the development of the Isabel Nickel Project, the West Guadalcanal Project offers a tremendous gold, silver and copper opportunity for us. We believe it is the most prospective ground in the Solomon Islands outside of our nickel interests. Considering the interest we have received recently (the project previously explored by global majors such as BHP and Xstrata) and the movement higher in gold, silver and copper prices, we intend to recommence limited exploration on this project in parallel to the development of the Isabel Nickel Project. In doing so we will leverage off our already established operational base, community and government relations teams, and our expert mineral exploration personnel. INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY-BASED STRATEGY A key driver of our success to date has been our ability to develop strong relationships with both the local communities where we operate. These relationships are truly invaluable and now underpin our whole business and operational strategy. Our approach to operations, across all of our projects, is strategically driven by community relations. Our key philosophy is to create shared values and a shared vision with local communities. We strive to balance and align their goals with those of our corporate strategy. Our operations are designed to have minimal social and environmental impacts on the local community. Our management team includes experienced and committed individuals from the regions where we operate, and those with limited experience we train. Not only does this provide us with local expertise, but it brings grass-roots knowledge of local business practice to the table. We pride ourselves on this community-based business strategy – it differentiates us from our competitors and to date it has enabled us to achieve some significant milestones. CONCLUSION 2017 was a challenging year. The delays in obtaining proper government consideration of our licence applications and local political upheavals impacted on our progress. Despite these setbacks, we made encouraging progress in a number of areas and we are well positioned to make significant advancement in all of our projects in 2018. With a clearly defined strategy in place and a revitalised and highly experienced technical team on board, the platform is set for Axiom to evolve into a miner of significance in the region. Driven by our values of Build. Share. Protect. we continue to maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders including our landowner partners. I have great admiration for their continued tenacity in pursuing something better for their communities. I am impressed with their leadership and sense of community in working with us to create efficient and sustainable development of our projects. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK OUR SHAREHOLDERS FOR THEIR PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING OF THE ROAD WE ARE TRAVELLING, A JOURNEY THAT I BELIEVE WILL PROVIDE SIGNIFICANT FINANCIAL REWARD FOR SHAREHOLDERS AND DELIVER TANGIBLE ECONOMIC AND HUMANITARIAN OUTCOMES FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE SOLOMON ISLANDS. I would also like to thank the Board led by Chairman Robert Barraket for their guidance and regular availability especially for strategic matters. Our ‘can do’ culture and our values of Build. Share. Protect. put Axiom in the very best position to deliver value to shareholders for mineral development in the Solomon Islands in 2018 and beyond. 7 AXIOM MINING LIMITED ANNUAL REPORT 2017 CEO’S REPORT