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Directors’ report

Your directors present their report on the consolidated

entity (referred to herein as the ‘Group’) consisting

of Axiom Mining Limited (‘the Company’ or ‘Axiom’)

and its controlled entities for the financial year ended

30 September 2015.


The following persons were Directors of the Company

during the year and to the date of this report:

Stephen Ray Williams

(LLB, Solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW and High

Court of Australia, and Member of the Australian Institute

of Company Directors)

Chairman and Non-Executive Director (age 62)

Stephen is a corporate lawyer by profession and is an

experienced director and chairman of public companies

from Initial Public Offering through to maturity.

Since his appointment, Stephen has overseen the

implementation of best practice in corporate governance

and has also ensured that the expertise of the Board has

been channelled to the appropriate areas of the business.

He has played an integral role overseeing recent business

development in Solomon Islands.

Other current directorships:

Australian Careers Network Limited – Chairman and

Non-Executive Director

Millennium Services Group Limited – Non-Executive


Former directorships:

Prime Ag Australia Limited – Non-Executive Director

Coffey International Limited – Non-Executive Director

and Chairman

Ryan Richard Mount

Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer (age 36)

Ryan joined the Axiom Mining Board as a Director in

April 2009. Following his appointment, he led the crucial

restructure of the Company—an exercise that saw Axiom

gain full control of the Company’s assets, define a clear

strategic direction appoint a new Board and management

team and a listing on the Australian Securities Exchange

(‘ASX’) by December 2009.

In mid-2010, Ryan accepted the Board’s offer of the CEO

position. Since his appointment, he has been relentless in

driving and refining Axiom’s operations, and as a result, key

components of the business plan have been achieved.

Ryan led the pursuit of the world-class Isabel nickel

deposit in Solomon Islands, which included securing title

to the deposit in Axiom’s favour after a three-year High

Court battle.

He has an extensive background in Australian and

international financial markets, as well as corporate

advisory. Ryan is also a member of the Australian Institute

of Company Directors.

Other directorships:


Jeremy Robin Gray

(Honours degree in Finance from Melbourne University)

Non-Executive Director (age 45)

Appointed to the Board on 12 July 2015

Jeremy is an investment professional with 20 years’

experience in global capital markets as a Mining Equity

Analyst, Mining Portfolio Manager and Investment Banker.

Jeremy’s career in mining investment includes

appointments as the Global Head of Basic Materials

Equity Research at Standard Chartered Bank Plc, Head of

Metals and Mining Research at Morgan Stanley Equity in

London, and the Head of Mining Equity Research at Credit

Suisse in London.

Other directorships:

Chancery Asset Management Pte Ltd

Directors’ shareholdings

The following table sets out each director’s relevant

interest in shares and rights or options in shares of the

Company or a related body corporate as at the date of

this report:


Fully paid




Share rights


Stephen Ray Williams


Ryan Richard Mount


Jeremy Robin Gray

47,750 150,000

Except as disclosed in Note 20 to the financial statements,

at no time during the year was the Company or any of

its subsidiaries a party to any arrangement to enable the

Directors of the Company to acquire benefits by means of

the acquisition of shares in or debentures of the Company

or any other body corporate.

Directors’ interests in contracts

Except as disclosed in Note 20 to the financial statements,

no contracts of significance to which the Company or any

of its subsidiaries was a party, and in which Directors of

the Company had a material interest, subsisted at the end

of the year or at any time during the year.