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Directors’ report



Remuneration report (continued)

Share options and performance rights (continued)

Indemnification of officers and auditors

During the financial year, the Company paid an insurance

premium in respect of a contract insuring Directors

and officers against liability arising from claims brought

against them individually or jointly while performing

services for the Company, and against expenses relating

thereto, in accordance with the Company’s constitution.

In accordance with commercial practice, the insurance

policy prohibits disclosure of the amount of the premium

and the nature and the amount of the liability covered.

Non-audit services

The Board of Directors, in accordance with advice from

the audit committee, is satisfied that the provision of

non-audit services during the year is compatible with the

general standard of independence for auditors imposed

by the Corporations Act 2001. The directors are satisfied

that the services disclosed below did not compromise the

external auditor’s independence for the following reasons:

all non-audit services are reviewed and approved by the

Board prior to commencement to ensure they do not

adversely affect the integrity and objectivity of the auditor;


the nature of the services provided does not compromise

the general principles relating to auditor independence

in accordance with APES 110: Code of Ethics for

Professional Accountants set by the Accounting

Professional and Ethical Standards Board.

Audit fees and fees for non-audit services are disclosed

in Note 19 to the consolidated financial statements.

Auditor’s independence declaration

The lead auditor’s independence declaration for the year

ended 30 September 2015 has been received and can be

found on page 34 of the financial report.

This Directors’ Report, incorporating the Remuneration

Report, is signed in accordance with a resolution of the

Board of Directors.

Signed in accordance with a resolution of the Board

of Directors.

Stephen Ray Williams


Dated at Brisbane 21 December 2015