Axiom 2014 Annual Report - page 11

Helping nurture sports development
We also believe sports is an excellent vehicle to
promote community health, and Axiom is pleased
to sponsor sports organisations in the local
communities where we operate.
This year, Axiom was the proud sponsor of the Lambi
Football Club, who emerged as champions at the
Moses Garu Tournament.
Supporting cottage industries and local
We buy our supplies locally whenever and wherever
possible. We know that this goes a long way in helping
to bolster the local economy. For example, on the
West Guadalcanal Project, we have been working with
local communities to supply us with fresh provisions.
We are establishing similar initiatives and more as
the Isabel Nickel Project continues to ramp up.
The benefits of this are mutual – it is greatly
appreciated by the local community and it also
ensures that we have fresh ongoing supplies.
Axiom Mining Limited takes an
innovative and inclusive approach to
the exploration and development of
mineral resources in the Pacific Rim.
2014 Annual Report
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