Axiom 2014 Annual Report - page 12

Solomon Islands Projects
The Solomon Islands archipelago represents a double
chain of islands that span 1300km in the western
part of the Pacific Ocean. Both chains follow a north-
west/south-east alignment and comprise nearly 1000
islands in total.
This archipelago forms part of an arc with a line of
very specific volcanic rocks known as the ‘Andesite
Line.’ This circumscribes the Pacific Ocean in a
clockwise direction, from New Zealand to Chile
and is commonly known as the Pacific Rim of Fire.
Being bounded by these major tectonic plate
boundaries has resulted in the presence of favourable
geological structures as well as rock types that are
conducive to hosting gold-copper massive sulphide
systems and nickel-cobalt deposits.
As such, this area is considered fertile ground for
large tonnage gold and copper deposits—for example
Gold Ridge, Lihir and Bougainville.
Axiom Mining has two major projects located within
the Solomon Islands archipelago:
1. Isabel Nickel Project
2. West Guadalcanal Project
Isabel Nickel Project, Santa Isabel
and San Jorge Island
The prized Isabel nickel deposit at the centre of the
litigation between Sumitomo and Axiom has been
known to the industry since the 1950s but has never
been mined.
Solomon Islands Projects
Axiom Mining Limited
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