Axiom 2014 Annual Report - page 5

communities will be more important than ever, as
we seek to establish sustainable mining development
for Solomon Islands that will no doubt attract
international attention.
Axiom’s values of Build Share Protect offer the
blueprint to that success. We believe our community
engagement initiatives are second to none. In
successfully leading the defence shoulder-to-
shoulder with our co-defendants (the Solomon
Islands Government and the Indigenous landowners
of the Isabel nickel deposit) in the high profile
High Court litigation against Sumitomo, we have
laid the foundations of a long term presence in
Solomon Islands.
Our innovative approach has not only de-risked the
future development and commercialisation of the
Pacific’s largest nickel deposits but will also open up
other opportunities in the region.
These interesting opportunities will be considered
upon achievement of progress milestones of our
flagship operation, the Isabel Nickel Project.
In conclusion, I would like to thank our shareholders
and all other stakeholders for your support through
this challenging but exciting period.
With the experience, drive and commitment of our
team and our partners, I am confident that my next
report to you will be chronicling further success of
Axiom’s activities in the year 2015.
Axiom is continuing discussions regarding
funding and equity at both the asset and
group level, and we are working towards
further positive announcements in 2015.
Stephen Williams
2014 Annual Report
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