Axiom 2014 Annual Report - page 6

We have achieved significant progress on the Isabel
Nickel Project and remain determined to achieve our
target of establishing a direct shipping of ore (DSO)
operation by the end of 2015.
We are also hard at work on the West Guadalcanal
Gold Project, where results from trenching and an
airborne magnetic survey have defined a highly
prospective corridor. We are midway through a scout
drilling program, which continues to reinforce the
potential of the tenement.
The year 2014 has seen us concentrate our resources
on Solomon Islands to maximise every opportunity
for success, whilst at the same time maintaining our
tenement portfolio in Queensland, Australia and our
presence in Vietnam.
The World Class Isabel Nickel Project:
Our strategy
of establishing and maintaining strong relationships
with government, landowners and local communities,
driven by our values of Build Share Protect, continues
to be a key focus as we expand our operations in
Solomon Islands.
The strategic partnership and AU$5 million funding
with Anitua Ltd, a successful Papua New Guinea
mining services company, is reflective of the
commercial success we aim to continue to achieve
through identifying and leveraging synergies in
the region.
Not only will this agreement provide the capital to
kickstart the Isabel Nickel Project’s journey towards
production, we hope it will add value through
providing capacity building opportunities for the
Isabellan communities where we operate—upskilling
our future workforce and brightening prospects for
local businesses to flourish.
While we await the outcomes of Sumitomo’s appeal
against the definitive High Court decision, Axiom has
continued to explore the Isabel Nickel Project – this
is not just a reflection of the confidence we have in
our prospects of success in the appeal but also the
groundswell of support from all levels of government
in Solomon Islands for Axiom to realise the value of
this asset.
CEO’s Report
Ryan Mount
CEO’s Report
With our Prospecting Licence and
50-year registered lease over the
Isabel nickel deposit upheld by the
Solomon Islands High Court and
exploration on the tenement yielding
highly positive results of >2%
nickel, Axiom is poised to make the
transition from explorer to miner.
Axiom Mining Limited
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