Axiom 2014 Annual Report - page 85

2014 Annual Report
Independent Auditor’s Report to the shareholder of Axiom Mining Limited
(Incorporated in Hong Kong with limited liability)
In our opinion, the financial statements give a true and fair view of the state of the Company’s affairs
as at 30 September 2014, and of its loss and cash flows for the year then ended in accordance with Hong
Kong Financial Reporting Standards and have been properly prepared in accordance with the Hong
Kong Companies Ordinance.
Emphasis of matter
Without qualifying our opinion, we draw attention to Note 2 in the financial statements, which
indicate that the Company incurred a net loss of $14,845,000 during the year ended 30 September 2014
and incurred net cash outflow from operations of $8,754,000 and had no ongoing source of operating
income from the year ended 30 September 2014. These conditions, along with other matters as set forth
in Note 2, indicate the existence of a material uncertainty that may cast significant doubt about the
Company’s ability to continue as a going concern, and therefore, the entity may be unable to realise its
assets and discharge its liabilities in the normal course of business and at the amounts stated in the
financial statements.
Zenith CPA Limited
Certified Public Accountants
Cheng Po Yuen
Practising Certificate Number: P04887
Hong Kong
17 February 2015
to the shareholders of Axiom Mining Limited
Independent Auditor’s Report
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