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Board of Directors
Mr Stephen Williams
Chairman, Independent Non-Executive Director
Mr Williams is a commercial lawyer with more
than 35 years’ experience in the areas of corporate,
commercial and property transactions, with a
particular expertise in IPOs and capital raisings.
He retired as a partner of Kemp Strang Lawyers in
2012 and remains as a consultant to the firm.
He has strong negotiation skills and abilities in
structuring, documenting and executing commercial
transactions, applying high ethical and professional
standards to isolate potential risks and issues
to achieve positive commercial outcomes.
Mr Williams holds other non-executive Board
appointments and has extensive experience in
contributing to business growth strategies and
establishment of corporate governance structure
and compliance.
Mr Ryan Mount
Chief Executive Officer
and Managing Director
Mr Mount joined the Axiom Mining Board as a
Director in April 2009. Following his appointment,
he led the crucial restructure of the company – an
exercise that saw Axiom Mining gain full control of
our assets, define a clear strategic direction, appoint
new Board and management team members and
establish a new head office. This turnaround allowed
Axiom to re-list on the ASX in December 2009 as a
properly capitalised and fully operational company.
In mid-2010, Mr Mount accepted the Board’s
offer of the CEO position. Since his appointment,
Ryan has been relentless in driving and refining
Axiom’s operations.
As a result, key components of the business plan have
been achieved, such as gaining exploration and land
rights over the world-class Isabel nickel deposit in
the Solomon Islands. This achievement included the
defeat of Sumitomo in a landmark High Court battle.
Mr Mount has an extensive background in Australian
and international financial markets, as well as
corporate advisory.
Board of Directors
Top image:
Axiom Mining Limited Board
Chairman Stephen Williams and
Managing Director Ryan Mount
2014 Annual Report
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