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Management - Additional Appointments
Mr Tom Saunders
Mr Le Van Hai
Tom joined Axiom in 2012 and
led the successful exploration
program on the Cardross Mining
Lease. He has over 35 years of
experience in the Australian
and Asia-Pacific mining industry
– a career which has included
roles from the majors through
to small companies. He has
also been involved with a
number of significant mineral
discoveries, including Kagara’s
King Vol Sulphide Deposit in
the Chillagoe region (adjacent
to Axiom’s projects).
Tom is highly experienced
at progressing projects
from exploration stage
through to feasibility and
then on to development
and production phase.
Tom was also a former Director
of the mining and petroleum
operations unit within the
Queensland Government.
Hai has over 27 years of
experience in the Vietnamese
mining industry. He has a proven
track record of gold exploration
and discovery in Vietnam
and was instrumental in the
discovery and development of
Vietnam’s current two largest
gold mines: the Bong Mieu and
Phuoc Son mines.
Prior to joining Axiom, he was
Exploration Manager at Olympus
Pacific Minerals Inc, spending 19
years with the Company. He has
also held the positions of Chief
Geologist and Deputy Director of
Bong Mieu Gold Mining Company.
Hai is a member of the
Australasian Institute of Mining
and Metallurgy (AusIMM)
and the Australian Institute
of Geoscientists (AIG).
Exploration Manager,
Exploration Manager,
Axiom’s management team
is a select group of industry
professionals with extensive
experience and proven track
records for mineral discovery
and developing major mines
around the world from start to
finish. Our teammembers share
in Axiom’s philosophy, placing
importance on efficiency, speed,
safety and acceptance of the
local cultures and customs of
the areas where our operations
are based.
A key characteristic of our
senior managers is their
experience and ability to
develop effective strategies to
transfer knowledge and teach
skills to the local workforces,
particularly in the Solomon
Islands and Vietnam. In doing
so, we have built strong local
community and government
relationships, and these
have subsequently played
an instrumental role in the
development and expansion
of our portfolio of assets.
Our management team also
comprises some of the best
local talents of the regions
where we operate. Recruiting
local expertise gives our
Company unparalleled
knowledge of local culture,
land rights, government
policy and business practice.
New appointments to the
Axiom management team in
2012 include Tom Saunders
and Le Van Hai.
2012 Annual Report