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Axiom Mining Limited
Community Report
Supporting woman in financial literacy
Isabel is a defined matriarchal society and as such,
we continue to encourage and support the development
of women’s involvement in the decision making
process by providing financial literacy workshops.
We understand that these skills are essential for
landowners when having to deal with a substantial
growth in per-capita-wealth on the development
of the Isabel Nickel Project.
The little things that make a difference
We believe that our commitment and passion for local
community involvement is the key differentiator that
sets us apart from our industry peers. Our employees
aspire to not only help the local community, but also
to be a true part of the community structure. It is
now common place to see Axiom employees and their
families participating in local events, outside of work
hours. This genuine participation in the community
has further strengthened our ability to operate
smoothly within the country.
Where possible, we help out in the community.
Whether it be offering transport from Isabel Island
to the capital on-board our boats, using our crafts for
emergency purposes or using our accommodation
facilities in the capital or at other sites around Solomon
Islands, our staff are only more than willing to assist.
Our respect for the land, the people, their culture
and their traditions is of the highest level and we are
always eager to learn more about the local way of
life. Participating in, and sponsoring local events and
festivals is a great way for us to gain this knowledge
and become more appreciative of the local culture,
so these are initiatives that we like to get involved
with. We find that little things like this go a long
way in forging strong community ties.
Supporting national sports
In 2012, we became the major sponsor of the U-19s
National Rugby Squad, as well as the National Rugby 7s
competition. We know that some of the future stars of
Rugby reside here in the Solomon Islands and we want
to help them realise and achieve their true potential.
When Axiom pledged their support to the
Solomon Islands Rugby Union Federation (SIRUF),
Chairman of SIRUF Mr Frank Wickham, made the
following statement:
“SIRUF are very grateful for the continued support
by Axiom, in particular their support to the
National U-19 team. These boys are the future
of the game here and Axiom has provided them
valuable experience and the opportunity to shine
on the international stage. It has been very special
for all of us to have Axiom involved.”
The Axiom National Rugby 7’s Competition