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Axiom Mining Limited
At Axiom, our ultimate goal is to tap into
the plentiful resource potential in the Asia
Pacific region, and with our impressive
portfolio of diversified assets in the
Solomon Islands, Vietnam and Australia,
we are well positioned to do just that.
A key driver of our success to date
has been our ability to develop strong
relationships, with both the local
communities and governments where
we operate. These relationships are truly
invaluable and now underpin our whole
business and operational strategy. We
strongly believe in this community-based
approach and we have the runs on the
board to prove it works.
A stand-out business strategy: Focus on
proactive community relations
Our approach to operations, across all of our projects,
is strategically driven by community relations. Our
key philosophy is to create shared values and a shared
vision with local communities – ultimately, we strive
to balance and align the goals and expectations of the
local community with those of our corporate strategy.
We pride ourselves on this community-based business
strategy – it differentiates us from our competitors,
and to date, it has enabled us to achieve some
significant milestones.
The following are some of the fundamentals
of our strategy:
Collaborating and communicating with the local
community to create shared values and a shared
vision. By considering both the small and large
details, we are 100% focused on building and
maintaining strong community relations.
Our strong local relationships enable us to expedite,
achieve and maintain acceptances and approvals
to progress our operations in an effective and
efficient manner.
Our operations are designed to have minimal
social and environmental impacts on the
local community.
Our management team includes some of the
best local talents in the regions where we
operate. Not only does this provide us with local
expertise, but also unparalleled knowledge of
local business practice.
Operational Overview – Projects
Solomon Islands:
Located within the Pacific ‘Rim
of Fire,’ the Solomon Islands are an archipelago
of islands which are mineral-rich, but mostly
Our defence of the High Court challenge by Sumitomo
is obviously our number one priority at the moment.
As such, we have continued to devote the appropriate
resources into the proceedings that will help to secure
the Isabel Nickel Project as our flagship asset. While
it has been a protracted process to date, I am pleased
to report that we finished 2012 on a very strong note,
having received a favourable outcome from the Court
of Appeal. The panel of three judges, who sit on the
highest court of the land, set aside the previous
rulings which were adverse to Axiom.
Ryan Mount
Chief Executive Officer
CEO’s Report