Community: the feeling of sharing things and belonging to a group in the place where you live

The essence of the word community forms a major component of Axiom Mining’s key values.

Part of our local business is drawn from within the countries that we operate in, more specifically, the immediate communities in and surrounding our operations.

Before entering a new region, Axiom Mining takes into account the culture, values, laws, religion and customs of the land where we plan to begin business activities.

Once a full understanding of the area is obtained, we structure our local business operations to fit within the community. The assessment of the region and structure of the business is an extensive and detailed process that draws straight from our company vision and strategy. It is also one of Axiom Mining's main advantages over our competitors.

Axiom Mining also values the input that local communities and individuals add to our operations. In fact, we have found that our operations are enhanced when local people make up our work force – including management.

To assist this structure, Axiom Mining has developed a range of training and education programs to help local workers develop the skills needed to advance their employment potential both within our company and beyond.

Axiom Mining also participates regularly in the local community’s social and cultural events, sporting programs and charities. This provides much enjoyment for all community, workers and management alike.

Examples of Axiom Mining’s involvement in the local communities include:

  • transporting food and supplies via helicopter to stranded communities during the Honiara floods in March 2014
  • the granting of 20% of the Isabel nickel project to the customary landowners
  • the appointment of two tribal leaders to the Board of Directors of Axiom KB Limited
  • donations to the Saigon Children’s Charity, the Premier's Queensland flood appeal, the central Vietnam flood appeal (Quang Binh province)
  • funding the establishment of a commercial/tourist fishing lodge for Kolosori tribe, Solomon Islands
  • training and education programs for local workers in Solomon Islands and Vietnam
  • SB$100,000 donation to the renovation of the Buala Hospital, Isabel province in the Solomon Islands
  • Premier sponsor of the Honiara Rugby Union Association
  • major financial sponsor of the Senior Secondary School in Buala, Solomon Islands
  • internships to six geology students from the University of the South Pacific (USP) and the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG)
  • major sponsor of the U-19s National Rugby Squad, as well as the National Rugby 7s competition
  • offering transport from Isabel Island to the capital on-board our boats, using our crafts for emergency purposes or using our accommodation facilities in the capital or at other sites around Solomon Islands
  • sourcing supplies locally whenever and wherever possible.
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