Vision & Strategy

Axiom aims to develop mineral deposits in the Asia Pacific region into medium to long term producing assets. Via its vast network, Axiom will exploit opportunities that create shareholder value and will engage innovative funding and mining techniques to further maximise returns through accelerated development. All this will be achieved whilst simultaneously generating efficiencies with the increasing portfolio of mineral projects.

The Board and Management team has implemented a strategic direction which has already yielded promising results. These include the issue of licences over one of the world’s largest undeveloped nickel deposits and gold and copper exploration tenements along with the establishment of an experienced operations team in Solomon Islands. There has also been the commencement of exploration in Vietnam as well as a recent copper-gold discovery in North Queensland.

Axiom sees huge potential in the Asia Pacific region with many countries having undeveloped mining industries. A key element to securing opportunities in the region is Axiom’s ability to partner with local communities and governments in jointly developing an asset. Again, this strategy has already produced results with licences issued in Vietnam and the Solomon Islands in 2011 and 2012.

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