Axiom has two centres of operation in the Asia Pacific region, being Australia and Vietnam. In Australia, Axiom owns 100% of all of its tenements which are covered by either exploration permits of mining leases and in Vietnam, Axiom has majority interest of its exploration projects  where they have partnered with local private or state run companies. In both regions these assets are at various stages of exploration development.

Cardross EPMs 15708, 15243, 15449 and 15641 (all applications) and ML 20003 (granted) - tenure freehold
OK Mines EPM 14534 (under renewal application) MLS 4805, 4806, 4809, 4813, 5038 – tenure freehold
Mt Molloy EPM 12998 and ML 4831 – tenure freehold
White Hills EPM 14409 – tenure freehold
Pinevale ML 4775 – tenure freehold
Quang Binh MEL 154/GP-BTNMT (renewal)
Quang Tri MEL Application submitted
Pu Sam Cap
MEL 316/GP-BTNMT MEL 317/GP-BPNMT (renewal)

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Australian Projects
In Queensland, Axiom has a large footprint being the 2nd largest tenement holder in the Chillagoe region. The primary focus is the Mountain Maid gold prospect and the newly granted EPM 16402, Porphyry, a prospective gold target. Cardross, a copper, gold and silver deposit is also due to be further developed along with the former producing asset of OK Mines, a copper, zinc, silver, gold target.

Vietnam Projects
Axiom has interests, held through project specific controlled Australian corporate entities, in four projects in Central, North-West Vietnam and South Vietnam.

Central Vietnam:
- Quang Binh ('QB')- Axiom interest 70%
- Quang Tri ('QT')- Axiom interest 80%

Northwestern Vietnam:
- Pu Sam Cap ('PSC')- Axiom interest 8.47%

South Vietnam:
- Khanh Hoa ('KH')- Axiom interest 80%

Solomon Islands Project
In the Solomon Islands Axiom has been granted Prospecting Licence No. PL-74/11 over the Takata nickle-cobalt laterite deposit on Isabel Islandand has an agreement with the customary landowners of the world class Isabel nickel and cobalt deposits. The company also has a strategic leasehold of land of which 60% of the deposits lies.

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