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Axiom Mining was initially a Vietnam dedicated exploration-mining company and has maintained a full time presence in Vietnam. In 2004-05 the Company through its Australian subsidiary Ozmin Resources acquired 100% interests in six exploration projects in Queensland, Australia. Now Axiom has two centres of operation in the Asia Pacific region, being Vietnam and Australia.

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Project Summary

  Pu Sam Cap
  Quang Binh   MEL 154/GP-BTNMT
  Quang Tri   MEL Application submitted
  Cardross   EPMAs 15708, 15243, 15449 (all applications) and ML 20003 (granted) - tenure freehold
  OK Mines   EPM 14534 (granted), EPMA 15445 (application), EPMA 15529 (application) and MLs 4805, 4806, 4809, 4813, 5038 (all granted) - tenure freehold
  Mt Molloy   EPM 12998 and ML 4831 (both granted) - tenure freehold
  White Hills   EPMs 14409 and 13421 (both granted) - tenure freehold
  Pinevale   ML 4775 (granted) and EPM 13127 (granted) - tenure freehold
  Nightflower   EPMs 12345 and 16030 (both granted) - tenure freehold

Vietnam Projects

Axiom has interests, held through project specific controlled Australian corporate entities, in three projects in Central and North-West Vietnam.

Central Vietnam:

  • Quang Binh ('QB') - Axiom interest 56%
  • Quang Tri ('QT') - Axiom interest 80%
    Northwestern Vietnam:

  • Pu Sam Cap ('PSC') - Axiom interest 2.96-8.47%

  • Australian Projects

    In Queensland, the combination of generally soft metal prices and the delay in the introduction of effective native title legislation resulted in the comparatively low levels of exploration activity from the late 1980s. The recent increase in the issue of exploration titles by the Queensland authorities and the recent increase in metal prices has contributed to significant growth in exploration activity in the state.

    In 2004-05, Axiom Mining acquired and subsequently expanded a portfolio of mineral projects in North Queensland. Three of these Projects (Cardross, OK Mines and Mt Molloy) offer immediate targets for exploration drilling, 2 of which are currently being drilled.