Quang Binh

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In February 2006 the mineral exploration licence (MEL) on the Quang Binh (Xa Khia) project was granted by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) and a $103,713 refundable escrow deposit was lodged on 6 March 2006.

Approximately 2.3 sq km of gradient array and 4.3 line km of pole-dipole IP surveys have been completed at the Xa Khia prospect on the Buang Binh MEL.

The gradient array survey produced four chargeability anomalies. One extends for at least 1,100 m eastward from the Xa \hia open pit gold-silver mine. The other three are located south of the pit. The latter are greater than 500 m in length and vary from 50 to 250 m in width. They all remain open to the west, and the furthest south and most intense anomaly is open to the east as well. Discovery of these anomalies represent new hidden areas of disseminated sulphide mineralisation not identified previously.

Four pole-dipole lines (along grid lines 29,700E, 29,500E, 29,400E and 29,000E) produced strong chargeability and resistivity anomalies immediately west and for 700 m west of the Xa Khia open pit interpreted to confirm continuity of the mineralisation in the pit and in drill hole DDHXK-06. Other drill holes now being assayed have intersected similar sulphide zones.